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A special note

I share no ill will towards the developer. I respect his time and ability to actually attempt to make a Mega Man game. However, I will say I am disappointed in him and his community for the way they conduct themselves. This really could have been the best Mega Man game ever.

When you censor the community you hurt game development for everyone and sometimes the negative thoughts are correct.

We can see now through this website that this game has a host of issues. Although the developer had the best intentions, he made a game that is way TOO difficult by any normal Mega Man standards. Anyone at CAPCOM™ would tell him this and the game would probably literally kill the franchise (although to be honest CAPCOM™ is letting it linger these days as it is.) 

As such, I do not recommend playing this game because it will ruin your experience of Mega Man, (although once again it's a free country so do what you want.)

CAPCOM™ should produce a cease and desist request simply because this game in all its lack of foresight will cause hindrance to the property that is Mega Man.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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